Snow Days

Below is a simple schematic of the decision-making process for “Snow Days.”

4:00 a.m.

1. Severe inclement weather and poor road conditions are present (usually attributed to snow or ice).

2. Transportation Manager speaks with law enforcement and with “spotters” located in various locations of the county.

3. Local forecasts and on-line Doppler radar reports are studied.

4. All information (1-3) is shared with Superintendent.

5. If conditions are unsafe and show no sign of subsiding – Superintendent recommends cancellation of school OR

6. If conditions show possible signs of subsiding – Superintendent recommends a 2 hour delay.

5:30 a.m.

7. “All Call” recorded telephone announcement enabled, announcing cancellation or delay. If delay, go to #8.

8. Weather, forecast and road conditions further assessed.

9. If conditions have subsided or will soon subside – bus routes resume on 2 hour delay schedule OR

10.If conditions do not subside – busing and school is canceled – 2nd “All Call” announcement enabled, declaring cancellation.


The decision to cancel school is sometimes a best guess because weather forecasts are not always reliable. Likewise, road conditions can unexpectedly and quickly change. While the cancellation of school can be the cause of confusion and inconvenience, particularly when weather and road conditions quickly improve early in the day, it is our policy to delay or cancel transportation whenever it is believed that such conditions make travel unsafe for our students and employees.


Please feel free to contact my office or the Transportation Department for more information on Snow Days.


Robin Hopper, Superintendent of Schools