Snow Days

MCUSD Late Start or Snow Day Procedures

MCUSD Late Start or Snow Day Procedures 

1. Transportation staff checks county road conditions and confers with multiple agencies and spotters before 4:30am when inclement weather is predicted. 

2. Transportation staff discusses road conditions with Superintendent and makes a recommendation based on best information available. 

3. A decision for a delayed day or cancellation should be made by the Superintendent by 4:45am, as buses leave the yard as early as 4:45am, and first student pick up is at 5:40am. 

4. If a delay/cancellation is enacted, transportation staff will notify bus drivers, food service manager and the Charter School Principal. 

5. An email will be sent out to all district staff. 

6. Information will be posted on the district’s Facebook page and sent to the media to broadcast. 

7. An all call to staff and students will be sent out as close as possible to 5:30am. 


Please note:

• Once buses are in route to pick up students, a delay will not be called. The district will move forward bringing any students into a warm, safe place. 

• Most buses have automatic chains, and all buses have regular chains. 

• Parents ALWAYS have the choice to keep their students home if they aren’t comfortable transporting their children under the weather/road conditions. 

• If employees cannot get to work safely, they will need to use personal necessity, sick and/or vacation time.