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RFP for Energy Management Consulting/Design Firm - Prop 39


RFP - Energy Management Consulting/Design Firm - Prop 39

RFP - Addendum #1 (Change to Qualifications) 1-5-15

Mariposa County Unified School District/Mariposa County Office of Education (“LEA”) is located in Mariposa, California and serves more than 1700 students. The LEA currently operates one comprehensive high school, two small necessary high schools, one alternative education site, five elementary schools (four serving grades K-8 and one serving grades K-6), one independent study school (grades K-12), and special education programs. The Mariposa County Unified School District/Mariposa County Office of Education is governed by a five-member Board of Education.

Through this Request for Proposal (RFP), the LEA is seeking proposals from qualified firms in order to identify and select the most qualified Energy Services design-build contractor (“Contractor”) for a district-wide implementation of a project or projects at schools within the LEA (collectively, the “Project”). For the Project, the Energy Services Design-Build Contractor will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all aspects of California Proposition 39, The Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2012, as well as Division of the State Architect processes and regulations, Office of Public School Construction processes, California Department of Education reporting and Title 24.

It is the LEA’s intent to partner with the successful firm to negotiate and execute an Energy Services Performance Contract (“ESPC”) based on the criteria provided in this response to design and construct the program and provide a guarantee of savings. The LEA Board of Education ultimately makes all decisions on the strategic direction and budgetary allocations for all energy services programs. Therefore, all initiatives and plans laid out by the Superintendent’s office will require ultimate approval of the Board. The LEA reserves the right at its sole discretion to not move forward with a project even after selecting a firm through this RFP.



Mariposa County Unified School District (MCUSD) is seeking sealed bids for the sale of a school bus, a fire engine and a water tender.   All vehicles to be sold “as is”.  Please go online to www.mariposa.k12.ca.us support services, transportation for photos, deadlines, and information on the bid process.