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Welcome to Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction provides leadership in the areas of curriculum development, instructional service, student services, assessing student achievement, and adult education.

These duties include:

  • Coordinating curriculum and staff development
  • Implementing, evaluating, revising and reporting the status of instructional programs (including textbooks and instructional materials)
  • Serving as a liaison to local, state, and federal agencies

Curriculum and Instruction works collaboratively with teachers, support staff, school and district administrators and the community to promote student learning in support of district goals. We are committed to increasing the learning capacity of parents, teachers and staff, and school leaders by providing coaching and professional development opportunities.  

California Adopts Common Core

The Common Core State Standards were developed through a state-led effort to establish consistent and clear education standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics that would better prepare students for success in the competitive global economy. The initiative was launched and supported by the Council of State School Officers and the National Governor’s Association. Forty-eight states, including California, participated in the Common Core State Standards Initiative. California is also participating in a multi-state consortium to develop assessments aligned to the Common Core standards.

ccmap.jpgWhere WE Are Now:

MCUSD Common Core Implementation Timeline

To learn more about Common Core Standards, visit the following websites:

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