Student Discipline

The Mariposa County Unified School District fosters a learning environment which reinforces the concepts of self-discipline and the acceptance of personal responsibility. We recognize that not all students will adhere to district rules for appropriate behavior. Sufficient support services shall be provided so that continually disruptive students will not be returned to regular classes without some modification of behavior.
The administration, teachers and classified staff share the mutual responsibility for student conduct and safety and the enforcement of district policies and regulations. Discipline is handled equitably throughout the school district. Corrective action is taken whenever a student violates the discipline rule of the school or district. Various levels of consequences may be implemented prior to suspension. Consequences may include conferences, behavior contracts, recess restriction, detention, and on-campus suspension. Continued violations or acts of a severe nature may lead to suspension or expulsion.
Suspension is the removal of a student from the classroom for disciplinary reasons for a defined period of time by a teacher or school administrator. A principal or designee may suspend a student for up to five days. A teacher may suspend a student for the remainder of the class in which the misbehavior occurred and for the next day’s class. Students placed on home suspension are not permitted on or near any school campus, nor are they allowed to participate in any school activities during their suspension.
Appeal of Suspension. A suspended student or parent/guardian has the right to request a meeting with the school principal to appeal a suspension from school. After meeting with the principal the parent may then follow through with an appeal to the superintendent’s designee. To arrange an Appeal of Suspension meeting (after meeting with the principal) please call 209-742-0250.
Expulsion is the removal of a student from all schools in the Mariposa County Unified School District for violating the California Education Code, as ordered by the Board of Education. The expulsion is for a defined period of time. An application for re-admission must be considered within a specified time period. State law provides for full due process and rights to appeal any order of expulsion. 
Important resources and information for all district students and parents can be found in the District Student Handbook.