Developer Fees

Developer fees are also known as School Impact Fees or School Facility Fees. In September, 1986, Assembly Bill 2926 (Chapter 887/Statutes 1986) was signed into law, granting school district governing boards with the authority to impose developer fees. This authority is codified in Education Code Section 17620 which states in part "...the governing board of any school district is authorized to levy a fee, charge, dedication or other form of requirement against any development project for the construction or modernization of school facilities."


MCUSD's current fee schedule is as follows (effective January 15, 2013):

Residential - $3.20 per square foot

Commercial - $ .51 per square foot

Mini-storage -  $.08 per square foot


Fees are payable at the District Office, located at 5082 Old Highway North in Mariposa. Cash or check only; we are unable to accept credit cards.