From the Desk of Jon Corippo

Dear Staff,

We have enough time to do these activities. Nothing takes precedence over these activities. Nothing! With the end of CSTs and the dawn of CCSS, and 1:1 devices, nothing we are doing in English or ELA is more important than becoming teacher experts in these critical areas. And nothing is more important than taking the time now to teach our students about digital citizenship.

Have fun!


5-6 Grade Planning

STEP 1: Prepare and Train Yourself

MAKE your own account at Common Sense Media and start flipping through the assessments for your grade level. Take some of the assessments.

Visit this site for training on how to manage your class in Digital Passport:

picture for common sense video

Step 2: Make a Teacher Account

Make an account. Then go to Educators/Digital Citizenship/Scope and Sequence. You will find resources for the classroom including videos to share with students.(once the teacher signs up, kids DO NOT need an email address)

Picture of common sense

The Digital Passport for K-3. Create a teacher account and set up your class. You will get feedback from the games they play.

picture of passport

Step 3: Choose Lessons (At Least 4 Required)

Visit this page for deployment plans for teachers. Includes 5 short modules suitable for whole class.

A lesson example is Communication: Twalkers

picture of passport

On the Common Sense site, go to: Educators/Digital Citizenship/Scope and Sequence

Picture of common sense

Have students use this note taking guide ( or other notepaper) throughout the week to record what they are learning.

picture of note taking guide

Step 4: Preview Games

Student log in to cyber safety site

Awesome online stuff from Common Sense Media: Students enter your email and can take short cyber assessments. Suitable for individual or whole class.

Picture of Common Sense Assessments

Step 5: Required Summative Project Ideas

Choose one project for your class to complete: (a computer project is preferred since this is for cyber safety week)

Create a book: Students create a 4 page book based on what they learned throughout the Cyber Safety week.

Use:Try using iPad Story Creator, Bookmon, or old fashioned paper and pencil

Use: Try using Power Point or iPad KeynoteCreate a Slide Deck: Students create 1 - 4 slides in Power Point or iPad Keynot demonstrating what they have learned throughout the week. 

Create a Post Card: Try using iPad Simply Postcard or not as much fun, but paper and crayons

Create a Class Book: Try using Microsoft Word, each child can create a page.

Student Log In


A separate page  has been set up for student access. Find the link on the district web site front page.It looks like this:

Cyber button that links to games

Sample Lesson Plan for the Week

Monday: Complete The Power of Words, a module from the Common Sense site.

For the modules, remember to go to: Common Sense Site/Educators/Digital Citizenship/Scope and Sequence

Tuesday: Complete Talking Safely Online, another module from the Common Sense site.

Wednesday: Students play games online in the lab or on the iPad and take notes about what they learn.

Back in the classroom, they complete the Privacy Rules module form the Common Sense site.

Thursday: Complete as a class, You've Won a Prize! A module on dealing with spam from Common Sense.

Friday: Students use the notes they took each day to complete a required summative project about cyber safety.