Bus Schedules


Starting on Monday March 2, 2015, the following routes will have changes made to them in order to continue serving

the students of the entire district.


Route H - Servicing Midpines area. Stop times 10 minutes earlier and the addition of Smith Rd. and 49 N (from route J).No PM changes.

Route J- Addition of 49S AM (Woodland to town). No PM change.

Route N- Was servicing Hwy 49 S to Vista Point/AM route has been absorbed by Route J, Route R, and Route P in the AM. Route N PM route will service transfers to MCHS from Woodland, Fairgrounds, and Cole Rd.

Route P- The AM route will add Allred Rd. and Mariposa Fairgrounds.

Route Q- The AM Ashworth Rd stop will be moved to route J.

Route R- Servicing Ponderosa Basin has been extended to absorb Route N, from Woodland Elementary School to Vista Point. AM and PM. Stop times along Hwy 49S have changed.

Route S-Servicing Lushmeadows/Woodland, will be combined with Route T. Route times will be run off of Route S times, which are 10-15 minutes earlier than Route T times in the AM.

Route T- Servicing the Lushmeadows (K-8) area. Will no longer be in existence, will be absorbed by route S. PM students will have supervision at Woodland until Rt. S picks up at 3:30.

Full Route descriptions with times can be found at the Mariposa County Unified School District website http://www.mariposa.k12.ca.us/

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Christina Packard-Transportation Dispatcher (209)742-0275 x323




If you or anyone else you know would be interested in becoming a school bus driver, there will be an original class being held in May. This class/training is paid for by the school district. Please contact Tom Audas-Trainer for more information. (209)742-0275 x 317

Collaboration Day Schedules

MCUSD has scheduled collaboration days (most Mondays) in the 2014-2015 school year.  

On collaboration days, schools will release one hour earlier than normal, and buses will drop students at their bus stops one hour earlier than normal.

All times noted on route sheets are departure times.

Route Description
A Greeley Hill / Coulterville /  Bear Valley to Mariposa
B Lake Don Pedro / Hornitos Rd. to Mariposa
C Greeley Hill / Coulterville to Lake Don Pedro Elem.
D Lake Don Pedro to Lake Don Pedro Elem.
E Lake Don Pedro to Lake Don Pedro Elem.
G Mariposa / Midpines to El Portal Elem.
H Midpines (All students) / Smith Rd. (Grade 5 - 12 PM) to Mariposa
J Ben Hur  (All students) / Smith Rd. (Grade K - 4 PM) to Mariposa
K Old Hwy / Yaqui Gulch / Cathey's Valley to Mariposa
L El Portal / Yosemite to Mariposa
M Yosemite to El Portal Elem.
N Hwy. 49S from Mariposa to Woodland / PM only
P Jerseydale / Darrah Rd. / Cole Rd. to Mariposa
Q Triangle Rd. / Carleton Rd. / Indian Peak Rd. to Mariposa
R Ponderosa Basin / Usona Rd. to Mariposa
S Lushmeadows / Tip Top to Mariposa


Late Bus

MCHS to Coulterville and Lake Don Pedro    (Monday through Thursday)

MCHS to Midpines and El Portal                    (Monday through Thursday)

Lake Don Pedro Elementary to Coulterville and Greeley Hill  (Monday through Friday)