Bus Schedules

Route Changes

Changes to Route J and Route K


Due to the deteriorated condition of Buckeye Rd. and Ben Hur Rd. past Buckeye Rd., bus service on Ben Hur Rd. past Buckeye Rd. and Buckeye Rd. from Buckeye Cr. Rd. to Ben Hur Rd. is being discontinued.  This change will take effect on Monday, April 24th. and remain in effective until these roads are repaired.  Any student that lives past Buckeye Rd. on Ben Hur Rd. will need to use the bus stop at Ben Hur Rd. @ Buckeye Rd.  AM stop time is 6:58, PM stop time is 3:33.  Students living on Buckeye Rd. will have to use the bus stop at Buckeye Rd. @ Buckeye Cr. Rd.  This stop is being moved to Route K.  AM stop time is 7:27, PM stop time is 3:15.


Changes to Route F, N and O


We had made some temporary changes to Route F, N, and O due to the bridge being washed out on Indian Peak Rd. @ Hirsch Rd. in early February. We have come up with a permanent solution that will be in effect for the remainder of this school year, starting on Monday, March 27, 2017.


Updated route sheets can be found below. Please note that the times have changed on most of these routes by a few minutes in order to accommodate everyone. Bus stop locations have not, however they may be in a different order than they were previously.


We appreciate everyone being so cooperative and understanding during this transition. Please feel free to contact our office at 742-0275 if you have any questions. 

Collaboration Day Schedules

MCUSD has scheduled collaboration days for elementary students every Monday in the 2016-2017 school year.  

(Mariposa County High School will NOT have any collaboration days)

On collaboration days, elementary students will be dismissed one hour early. If elementary school students wish to ride the bus home on these days, they can wait at the school for the regular run time of the buses.  Supervision of these students will be provided during that hour.

Late Bus

MCHS to Coulterville and Lake Don Pedro    (Monday through Thursday)

MCHS to Midpines and El Portal                    (Monday through Thursday)

All times noted on route sheets are departure times.

Route Description
A Greeley Hill / Coulterville /  Bear Valley to Mariposa
B Lake Don Pedro / Hornitos Rd. to Mariposa
C Greeley Hill / Coulterville to Greeley Hill Elementary
D Lake Don Pedro to Lake Don Pedro Elementary

Lake Don Pedro to Lake Don Pedro Elementary

F Hwy. 49 S. / Indian Peak Rd. (PM H.S. Transfer)
G Mariposa / Midpines / El Portal to El Portal Elem.
H Midpines / Smith Rd. to Mariposa
I Jerseydale / Tip Top to Mariposa (PM H.S. Transfer)
J Ben Hur Rd. to Mariposa
K Old Hwy / Yaqui Gulch / Cathey's Valley to Mariposa
L El Portal / Yosemite to Mariposa
N Triangle Rd. / Carleton Rd. / Indian Peak Rd. to Mariposa
  Ponderosa Basin / Usona Rd. to Mariposa
P Lushmeadows / Darrah Rd. to Mariposa