Bus Schedules

MCUSD Route Changes Effective 4/19/18

04/18/18 Update:


The following changes will be made effective Thursday, April 19, 2018.


Bus stops along Hwy. 49 N. from Mariposa to Mt. Bullion will be moved from Route 4 to Route 7.  This means that ALL existing stops on Route 7 will be picked up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and dropped off 15 minutes later in the afternoon.  The times for the bus stops along Hwy. 49 N that were moved to Route 7 will not change. Please refer to the route listings below for exact stop times.


See updated times by clicking the route sheets below.


04/16/18 Update: 


Yaqui Gulch Rd. and Indian Peak Bridge Open to Bus Traffic


Route 9 - Catheys Valley / Yaqui Gulch / Old Hwy.

Reason: Old Hwy. @ Hwy. 140 and Hornitos Rd. closure

Changes: AM - Route 9 will return to it's regularly scheduled times with the following exceptions. The bus will not go down Old Hwy between School House Rd. and Hwy. 140. An additional stop has been added at McKay Hall at 6:30 A.M.  


Changes: PM -   Students that normally ride Route 4 to the Oasis and along Hornitos Rd. need to use Route 9.  A stop was added at the Oasis on Route 9 with a stop time of 4:10 PM.  The bus will not go down Old Hwy between School House Rd. and Hwy. 140.


Routes 5, 11 and 12

Reason: Indian Peak Rd. Bridge at Hirsch Rd.

All restrictions have been removed.  These 3 routes will resume normal schedule.


03/26/18 Update:


Route 1 – GH Elementary/CHS
Reason: Hwy. 132 Washout / Road Closure
Changes: AM - Bus will depart LDPE and use Granite Springs Rd. to bypass washout. All bus stop times will remain the same. PM – Bus will return to LDPE via Granite Springs Rd. No stop times will be effected.

Route 2 – LDP Elementary
Reason: Hwy. 132 Washout / Road Closure
Changes: AM – Bus will use Granite Springs Rd. to bypass washout. Times will remain the same unless further advised.

Route 3 – Greeley Hill to MCHS
Reason: Hwy. 49 N closed from Bear Valley to Coulterville
See changes listed in 4/18/18 update above.


Route 4 - LDP to MCHS
Reason: Hwy. 132 Washout / Road Closure and Hornitos Rd. Closure
Changes: AM – Bus will arrive at the first stop (Piney Creek) at the regularly scheduled time. The bus will take a different route after the town of Hornitos to the high school which will be on Bear Valley Rd. to Hwy. 49 N. For stops along Hornitos Rd. in Catheys Valley, see Route 9.


Route 9 – Catheys Valley
Reason: Hornitos Rd. Closure
Changes: See changes listed in 4/16/18 update above.

North County Late Run

Reason: Hwy. 132 Washout / Road Closure and Hornitos Rd. Closure

Changes: Only bus stop will be at Lake Don Pedro Market at regularly scheduled time.

All times noted on route sheets are departure times.

Route Description
1 Greeley Hill / Coulterville to Greeley Hill Elementary         (Formally Route C)
2 Lake Don Pedro to Lake Don Pedro Elementary               (Formally Route D)
                                                                                             (Formally Route A)

Lake Don Pedro / Greeley Hill / Bear Valley                      (Formally Route B)

5 Hwy. 49 S. / Indian Peak Rd. (PM H.S. Transfer)               (Formally Route F)
6 Mariposa / Midpines / El Portal to El Portal Elem.              (Formally Route G)
7 Midpines / Smith Rd. to Mariposa                                      (Formally Route H)
8 Jerseydale / Tip Top to Mariposa (PM H.S. Transfer)         (Formally Route I)
9 Ben Hur Rd. / Bridgeport / Cathey's Valley to Mariposa     (Formally Route K)
10 El Portal / Yosemite to Mariposa                                         (Formally Route L)
11 Triangle Rd. / Carleton Rd. / Indian Peak Rd. to Mariposa (Formally Route N)
  Ponderosa Basin / Usona Rd. to Mariposa                        (Formally Route O)
13 Lushmeadows / Darrah Rd. to Mariposa                            (Formally Route P)

Late Bus

MCHS to Coulterville and Lake Don Pedro    (Monday through Thursday)

MCHS to Midpines and El Portal                    (Monday through Thursday)

Collaboration Day Schedules

MCUSD has scheduled collaboration days for elementary students every Monday in the 2017-2018 school year.  


On collaboration days, elementary students will be dismissed one hour early. If elementary school students wish to ride the bus home on these days, they can wait at the school for the regular run time of the buses.  Supervision of these students will be provided during that hour.