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Norma Dwyer, Chief Business Officer

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Education Protection Account (EPA)

In November 2012, California voters passed Proposition 30, the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012. This Proposition is designed to generate additional revenue through the implementation of temporary tax increases. The language of Proposition 30 pertinent to public schools requires that the State Controller transfer the revenue generated by these tax increases into a special fund, called the Education Protection Account (EPA). These funds are a portion of our regular revenue limit, but are now required to be transferred into a specific account with restricted expenditures. The documents listed below outline the amount of funding to be placed into the EPA, as estimated by the Department of Finance. In addition, a spending plan is presented to outline the intended uses of these funds.

Resolution and Spending Plan for EPA 2012-13 – MCUSD

Resolution and Spending Plan for EPA 2012-13 – MCOE

Resolution and Spending Plan for EPA 2013-14 – MCUSD

Resolution and Spending Plan for EPA 2013-14 – MCOE

Norma Dwyer
Chief Business Officer

Norma Dwyer, Chief Business Officer

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