After School Programs

After School Education and Safety Programs (ASES)

The Mariposa Unified School District provides after school programs at the following sites:
Mariposa Elementary School
Woodland Elementary School
Lake Don Pedro Elementary School
Most of these programs receive funds through the State of California After School Education and Safety (ASES) program. The ASES program allows a limited number of students to participate free of charge in an after school program consisting of academic tutoring support and enrichment activities. Enrichment activities include sports, arts, music, dance and drama. The programs are educational and fun and include a daily complimentary snack. Programs are offered Monday through Friday from school dismissal and for a minimum of three hours (generally, until 6:00 or 6:30 p.m.). Participating students must attend each day and for a minimum number of hours each week.
Before and After school programs vary from school to school and are tailored at each school to meet the particular academic and social needs of the school population.  All necessary registration forms and information can be obtained at your school site by contacting your school site secretary.
The ASES programs undergoes an annual evaluation to assess progress toward providing high quality opprotunities for all students.  Our annual evaluation results are available for the public to review.  If you would like to review these results please call 209-742-0241.



Ron Henderson

After School Programs District Coordinator

Marty Livingston

MES ASES Coordinator

Suzette LaFrancchi

Lake Don Pedro ASES Coordinator