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Dear Parent/Guardian:

California is field testing a new website designed to help communities across the state access important information about K-12 districts and schools. Called the California School Dashboard (, the site features easy-to-read reports on multiple measures of school success, including test scores, graduation rates, English learner progress and suspension rates. The Dashboard is part of California’s new school accountability system based on 2013’s Local Control Funding Formula. It is the next step in a series of major shifts in public education that have raised the bar for student learning, transformed testing and placed the focus on equity for all students. To learn more about California’s accountability and continuous improvement efforts, visit


Why a new system and a new tool?

The Dashboard is a key part of California’s commitment to transparency and continuous improvement. California’s future success depends on tapping into the potential of all students, so they graduate ready for college, careers and life. For schools to reach this goal, teachers, parents and the community need clear and useful measures of progress. As an accountability tool, the Dashboard will help the state identify schools (including charter schools) and districts needing targeted assistance.


What’s different?

In the past, accountability systems for districts and schools relied solely on test scores. But one test taken on one particular day doesn’t provide a complete picture of all the ways schools are helping students succeed.


Think of it this way: You can’t drive a car by only watching the speedometer. You also keep your eye on the road, check the mirrors, monitor the gas tank and pay attention if the engine light comes on. Similarly, the Dashboard provides information on different aspects of student performance, which will give a more complete picture of a school’s progress. The Dashboard also reports on growth to show a school’s trajectory over time.


What’s next?

The Dashboard is deliberately designed to be a work in progress: Metrics and reports will be added over time. During the field testing phase, the state will be gathering feedback to make additional modifications.


The exciting changes taking place in education will take time to fully implement. While we are making progress in many key areas there is always more work to do. The Dashboard is part of an ongoing conversation with our community on both how we’re doing and how we can do better. Meeting goals will take a united effort, and I look forward to working with our families to ensure success for every student. Data specific to our District will be sent home next week, with additional information on this new accountability tool and the path forward.

Important Safety Message

Dear MCUSD Families:

The following information was received from Lieutenant Hagen, CHP Mariposa Area Commander, on February 28, 2017:

We had an unusual call at about 6:15pm on February 20th, which just came to my attention. A local gentleman stopped to provide aid to a 20-year-old female who had run out of gas on Highway 49, just south of Worman Road. The man has a personally-owned Dodge Charger, white in color, which bears more than a passing resemblance to a law enforcement vehicle. There are spotlights and flashing amber lights on his car, which were activated when he approached her. The general appearance of the car, coupled with the specific lighting configuration, led the young woman to believe the man was some type of police officer. He is not. The man contacted the young woman and offered to go get her gas, which he did. My officers arrived on-scene in the interim. While my officers were there, the man returned with the gas, and again he had the aforementioned lights activated. My officers investigated, and found the man had stopped short of actually impersonating or identifying himself as a peace officer. However, there really is no reasonable explanation for the appearance and lighting system of his vehicle.

This seems like a good opportunity to remind the public of some safety tips:

  • The best thing to do is to make sure your vehicle is in good working order, with enough gas to get you where you are going, before you start towards your destination.
  • If you do break down and are contacted by law enforcement, be cognizant of whether they are in a marked unit and/or readily recognizable law enforcement uniform.
  • If they are not in a marked unit and/or readily recognizable law enforcement uniform, consider remaining in your vehicle with the doors locked. You should be able to project your voice through a closed or slightly cracked window, to communicate if you need to. This is a good time to ask for identification.
  • When/if you ask for identification, do not be satisfied with just a badge. Badges can be purchased anywhere, but ID cards are issued by the officer’s actual employing agency.
  • If you are in an area where your cellular phone works, 911 from any cell phone will go directly into CHP dispatch. We can check to see if the person with you is a real law enforcement officer, and will send a patrol unit to your location as soon as you call.

I’m hoping you can help me get the word out among your staff and students. This is not the first incident with this man. He seems to know exactly where the lines are, which is what prevented us from being able to arrest him this time. That doesn't mean he's not dangerous.

Thank you for helping to spread the word to students and community about staying safe.


Welcome to Mariposa County Unified School District and Mariposa County Office of Education. We are proud to provide you with information regarding our schools and district. Though our newly redesigned website remains under construction, we are confident that as you visit our organization through these web pages that you will find MCUSD to be committed to providing students with outstanding educational programs in an exceptional environment. 


Mariposa is a one-district county with 8 school sites and a total student population of approximately 1,600 students. Home to Yosemite National Park, our county consists of small, rural communities in the Sierra Nevada foothills; an area rich in Gold Rush history and great natural beauty. The 1,450 square mile county is home to approximately 18,000 citizens and is ideally suited to those interested in outdoor activities and rural community life.

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